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I was a goalie and have two daughters who were goalies as well. I usually blame it on the "loose screw somewhere" gene, but who knows. I ended up in the goal because I had two older a defenseman and the other an attackman. Naturally I got shoved in the goal if I wanted to play with them. No pads beyond a helmet and gloves - added the cup with some added years, but played all through college and club without a chest protector as a found them too restrictive. Could you imagine parents or coaches in today's world allowing that?
When coaching younger kids, I always start them off with no equipment at all just playing catch using goalie techniques. If they " flinch" in that mode, I know they are missing the "loose screw" gene. Once we add equipment, a few high shots towards the head will give you a good indication of how afraid of the ball they will be. When you find that kid who never flinches...treasure them. any suggestions?

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