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As some of you may know I spent a week hunting the grunt in the Swartkops. Fished 10 hour days for a week straight and missed 2 fish. Not exactly productive. Also managed to stand on about 30 sand sharks and screamed like a little girl (to the locals delight) every time I did so.

On the third day while stripping a Krige Goby through modderspruit I had a solid take and about a full line away from me something went aerial in a big way. It took about 50 meters of backing and i ran out and accross the channel watching this thing jump and shake its head.

I was trying to figure out what on earth it was and thought it could only really be a Mullet or Skippy. The fight was incredible and about 20 minutes later I was shocked and slightly disturbed to see a BUS saltwater catfish at my feet. It must have been 5 kilos.

Trying not to touch the slipper spikey creature I slid it onto the bank and as I did about 20 little saltwater catfish popped out its mouth

It was like a scene out of big fish. I released it and it went on its merry way. Must have thought my goby was one of its kids

I still cant believe the fight though... On conventional my experience is they always just swim straight to you.

I immediately went back to the lodge, sat down in the shower, and cried. bizarre


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