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a recent christmas match has caused uproar again between a match angler and the match organisers, the match itself was a small 40 pegger fished on a well known sussex venue, apparently it all started when a competitor had drawn his peg and on arrival to his allocated mark on the beach found that there were anglers allready fishing there [pleasure anglers ] , not usually a problem and easily cured on most occasions. but this time its made a well known angler very angry... what happened next was that the angler that had drawn the peg with anglers on got in touch with the organisers , and they instructed him to what normally would happen in a situation like this is that the angler whos peg has already bin taken by pleasuire anglers would move to the nearest avalible peg if there were any or the nearest avalible spot nearest his oringinal peg...... but not on this occasion .. the angler concerned did move .. but he moved a considerable number of pegs and hence went on to win the match with a good bag of fish ... winning not only the match but also winning section money for a section that he had not originally drawn for,
this is where the second angler got involved because this angler had come second in the match overall , in the real world this angler would have taken the spoils in the match and gone home well happy with the cash, but when he confronted the organisers about it , he was told in no uncertain terms that if he didnt like it he could have his money back and sod off!!! not a very happy chappy apparently left the venue well peeved vowing not to return!!!
how in times of fading attendances and lack of fish on certain venues nowadays can this sort of thing be allowed to happen !!! a peg match and an angler fishing where he wants , topping it off by winning the match and a section that he never even drew in , in the first place
may be another presidance has now been set by all of this


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